What’s the point of hiring me if u dun trust me!! And ask me stupid Qs.
What the heck is this bitchy colleague doing at my workplace. Dont they use their brains?!?!
My dog, Max, started behaving strangely around my partner, growling and barking aggressively. Puzzled, I followed Max’s lead and discovered […]
I was running late for an important meeting and in my rush, I tripped and spilled coffee all over my […]
I accidentally sent a text to my boss that was meant for my best friend, complaining about my workload and […]
After years of enduring a toxic and abusive relationship, I finally had the strength to leave my ex-partner. We have […]
During a game night with friends, we decided to try a truth serum cocktail. As the effects kicked in, my […]
I (27F) have been in a committed relationship with my partner (30M) for three years. Recently, he informed me that […]
I went to the store to buy some groceries and ended up locking my keys inside my car with the […]
I (32M) have been dating my partner (30F) for three years, and we’re planning to take the next step by […]
My friend, let’s call her Emily, has always been financially irresponsible. She frequently asks to borrow money, promising to pay […]
I tried to multitask by eating breakfast and checking my phone at the same time, and accidentally dropped my phone […]
During a family gathering, my child asked my elderly aunt, “Why do you have so many wrinkles? Did you forget […]
I accidentally walked into the wrong restroom and didn’t realize it until I was washing my hands next to a […]
I’ve always been protective of my car. It’s my pride and joy, and I take great care of it. Unfortunately, […]
I was excited to try out a new recipe and impress my friends, but ended up mistaking salt for sugar, […]
I finally found a parking spot after circling the block for ages, only to realize that I left my wallet […]
I (28M) recently got married to the love of my life (27F). However, since our wedding, my in-laws have become […]
On our first date, I accidentally tripped and spilled a plate of food on both of us. It was embarrassing, […]
not happy
During a crowded train ride, I accidentally dropped my phone and picked up the wrong one in a rush. Curiosity […]
Economy is not good and I am not very happy!!
I went to a job interview with my shirt on inside out and didn’t realize until I was halfway through […]
While exploring the ancient temples of Bagan, Myanmar, I discovered a lost camera. Determined to find its owner, I scrolled […]
I was so caught up in a funny online video that I burst out laughing in a quiet library. The […]
I (25F) recently ended my relationship with my partner (28M) due to their extreme insecurities. Whenever we went out together, […]
Amidst the vibrant lantern festival in Taiwan, I accidentally bumped into a stranger while marveling at the illuminated lanterns. In […]
I was so nervous on our first date that I accidentally knocked over a salt shaker, causing a mini avalanche […]
At a friend’s house, my child discovered a family photo album and loudly pointed at an old picture of my […]
I decided to take a shortcut through a park to save time, and ended up getting attacked by a flock […]
I tried to impress my crush with my culinary skills by baking them a cake. Unfortunately, I forgot to add […]
My sister recently announced that she will be having a destination wedding in a remote island location. As excited as […]
While attending a crowded carnival, I unexpectedly bumped into my partner. In the commotion, they kissed a stranger, unaware that […]
I decided to take a power nap during my lunch break, only to wake up hours later and realize I […]
In a small village in Vietnam, I stumbled upon a lantern-making workshop. Mesmerized by the artisans’ skill, I approached one […]
After our parents tragically passed away, the responsibility of taking care of my younger sibling fell on me. However, I […]
In a traditional calligraphy class in Beijing, I sat next to a fellow student. As we dipped our brushes into […]
During a neighborhood clean-up, I found an old photo album lying on the ground. Determined to find the owner, I […]
I decided to try a new recipe for a dinner party with friends. Everything seemed to be going well until […]
I woke up early to catch the train and avoid being late for work, only to find out that the […]
On a bustling rooftop in Shanghai, I accidentally spilled a drink on a stranger. Apologies turned into laughter, and our […]
We were at a fancy restaurant, and my child loudly exclaimed, “Mommy, why is the waiter wearing a funny hat? […]
While waiting at the MRT station, I noticed a young student looking distressed. It turned out he had missed his […]
In a vivid dream, I saw my partner with another person, engaged in a passionate embrace. Though just a dream, […]
While waiting in line at the bank, my child loudly asked, “Mommy, why does that lady have a mustache?” The […]
I witnessed a car accident and rushed to help. I stayed with the injured driver until the ambulance arrived, comforting […]
In the vibrant streets of Penang, Malaysia, I stumbled upon a hidden mural, captivated by its beauty. As I marveled […]
I was feeling homesick during a festive season away from home. My neighbors surprised me with a homemade feast and […]
Our first date was at a fancy restaurant, and I nervously knocked over a glass of water, drenching both of […]
Today, I had an important presentation at work, but my alarm didn’t go off, and I woke up an hour […]
During a school assembly, my child waved excitedly at me from the stage and shouted, “Hi, Mommy! Are you proud […]
I saw a foreign worker struggling to communicate while buying groceries. I stepped in to help translate, and we ended […]
While visiting a serene temple in Nara, Japan, the resonant sound of a temple bell filled the air. Entranced by […]
During our first date, we got lost while trying to find the restaurant and ended up walking around aimlessly for […]
I (26M) have been in a relationship with my partner (24F) for six months, and things have been going well […]
I accidentally called my date by the wrong name throughout our entire dinner. I felt like such a fool, but […]
I bought a brand new umbrella to stay dry in the rain, and as soon as I stepped outside, a […]
While shopping for groceries, my child spotted a man with a bald head and shouted, “Look, Mom! That man has […]
I was meeting my friends for a night out, and as I was about to leave the house, I tripped […]
In the chaotic streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I hailed a tuk-tuk for a city tour. Little did I know, […]
I was volunteering at a shelter when I met a troubled teenager. We bonded over shared interests and spent months […]
My best friend (28F) is getting married, and I (27F) was ecstatic when she told me the news. However, when […]
On our first date, I spilled red wine all over my date’s pristine white dress. I was mortified, but she […]
While exploring the lush tea plantations of Darjeeling, India, I crossed paths with a tea farmer. Intrigued by their expertise, […]
I tried to impress my date by cooking a fancy dinner, but ended up burning the entire meal. Who knew […]
my gf ditched me for a fat guy. f my life
I was rushing to catch the bus when I saw an elderly lady struggling with her bags. I offered to […]
I was in a hurry to catch a flight, and as I rushed through security, the metal detector beeped incessantly. […]
I tried to impress my crush by doing a cool dance move, but I ended up tripping over my own […]
I was on a first date with someone I really liked. We went to a fancy restaurant, and when the […]
During a visit to the zoo, my child pointed at a flamingo and exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, it’s dancing like you […]
During a trek in the Himalayas, I found myself lost in the beauty of the landscape. Suddenly, a melodic voice […]
I accidentally farted loudly during a yoga class while attempting a challenging pose. I don’t know if I was more […]
I went to the gym and was feeling motivated to tackle a challenging workout. Midway through a set, I accidentally […]